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Q1: What services does AIP Marketing Tools provide?

A1: AIP Marketing Tools offers specialized services for industry professionals such as architects, healthcare professionals, general contractors, interior designers, staging professionals, marketing strategists, and real estate agents, or any other professional focusing on the Aging In Place market. They provide website development, marketing packages, and a range of services to help businesses establish their online presence.

Q2: What are the marketing packages available?

A2: There are three main marketing packages offered:

  • Package 1: Includes the choice of 1 of 3 website templates with multiple pages and plugins.
  • Package 2: Contains everything from Package 1 plus video tutorials on SEO.
  • Package 3: Offers everything from Package 2 with the addition of WooCommerce for e-commerce and a weekly newsletter with SEO and marketing tips.
  • Package 4: Services from the above packages are available a la carte.

Q3: What do I need to provide to get started with a marketing package?

A3: You will need to provide your logo, domain, website hosting information, and any photos and graphics you wish to use. If you need assistance with these items, AIP Marketing Tools offers these services for a fee.

Q4: Are there any additional services for those who need help setting up their business essentials?

A4: We offer hourly services for at $60.00 per hour.

Q5: What benefits do I get by joining the AIP Marketing Tools community?

A5: By joining, you can connect with a global community, share knowledge through webinars and articles, discover business growth opportunities, and gain recognition in the Aging in Place sector.

Q6: Can I see examples of the website designs offered?

A6: Yes, you can choose from 3 design options provided by AIP Marketing Tools.

For more detailed information or specific inquiries, visitors are encouraged to reach out directly through the contact options provided on the AIP Marketing Tools website.