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CAPS Certification

CAPS I: Marketing And Communicating With The Aging In Place Client

  • Focus: Building foundational knowledge on aging in place.
  • Topics: Home modifications, safety assessments, home health care services, government assistance.
  • Objective: Provide an overview of aging in place concepts and services.

CAPS II: Design Concepts For Livable Homes And Aging In Place

  • Focus: Deep understanding of design principles for older adults.
  • Topics: Universal home design, ADA compliance, building codes, aging-in-place strategies.
  • Objective: Enhance safety, comfort, accessibility, and independence for older adults.

CAPS III: Details And Solutions For Livable Homes And Aging In Place

  • Focus: Practical solutions for age-related challenges.
  • Topics: Home modifications for safety and comfort, managing chronic conditions, government assistance, building codes, renovation considerations, design trends, home automation.
  • Legal Aspects: Compliance for universal accessibility, local building codes, and home modification regulations.
  • Economic and Social Aspects: Financing, subsidies, insurance for accessible products.
  • Technical Details: Space planning, design of various home areas, furniture selection.
  • Importance: Emphasizes certification and continuing education for staying updated with technologies.

Overall, these courses provide comprehensive knowledge and practical solutions for professionals aiming to design and modify homes suitable for aging in place.

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